Tuesday, January 7, 2014


With transfer week things all change. During transfer week we have our District meeting on Monday of which Mondays are usually P-Days. P-Day therefore is on Tuesday. The reason for this is because the missionaries get transfer calls on Monday night. If they are getting transferred they prepare for transfers by cleaning and packing to leave. If they have time after they do all this and email their families then they can get together with other missionaries. We invited the Elders over to play games. 
This is our last photo with our district.  Elder Brown, Elder Sindylek (DL), the Allen's, Sister Boldbaatar, Sister Hedstrom, (ZL's) Elder Krylborn and Elder Juran.
Missionaries from Sheffield A zone, Sister Acs, Sister Dahneke, Elder Wilkes, Elder Farmer, Elder Lee and Elder Li.
 Elder Hillock and Elder Williams
 Elder Sindylek and Elder Misselwitz are having a crying moment. One of them is getting transferred.

 We are playing the famous person game. 
 They all like their photo taken.

He loves my Hawaiian Haystacks

This is by far the best missionary out there. We want front row seating when he becomes a GA. We will truly miss you Elder Juran. 

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