Saturday, January 18, 2014


I love this fine lady so much. She brightens my day with joy and peace. It years to come as she grows in the gospel she will truly bless the church here in Sheffield 4.  
Alsbetta came from Slovakia after her husband was baptized in the fall. The Elder began teaching their family when she arrived. The Book of Mormon made the greatest difference for Alsbetta. After she started reading it regularly, there was a lot of changes in her. She began to have some real intent. After that, things went really well and she found a lot of love for the Book of Mormon and received the answer it was true. Her desire to be baptized came from the support of the Branch President's wife, who was going to her home and encouraging her to read from the Book of Mormon. This really motivated her a lot. She over came coffee. Each day she would decrease the amount of coffee she drank. We had the idea to switch out coffee for something else. Ovaltine did the trick. She made the switch and doesn't drink coffee anymore. Alsbetta's son also got baptized. The most wonderful part was her husband was able to be the one to baptize them. You could really feel the spirit at their baptism. They are a great family.

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