Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Our Zone Training was about Finding.
We are here to save all mankind. Smile at people and they will all smile back at you. It is like a chain reaction.. Your need to love the members with expecting nothing in return.  Be sincere. Slowing people down is a means to an end. We are looking for out comes. Lots of missionaries come looking not finding. Like when you lose your keys. You need to find your keys not look for your keys. There is a difference. We have to be doing everything all the time.
Finding can be fearful. We need to not fear but have Fun. Fear is from the devil. Tell where you are from in a catchy way. I am from the Grand Canyon State of Arizona in the Southwestern part of the US. Slow the people down with a clever opening about were you are from.
Can you help me?
Compliment. That is a great message.
 I am looking for someone.
 Why- are you doing it?
 Where - are you going?
 Who - are we looking for?
 What - are we going to say?
 When - are we going to do it.
 Spin more that more then one plate at a time. You can do it if you plan.

After lunch the missionaries came in with birthday cake. I was so surprises and wanted to cry because they were all so thoughtful. Elder Allen said "Don't cry Sister Allen." He knows me so well. I held it in and just smiled. I love them all so much for thinking of me. 

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