Saturday, January 18, 2014


Saltaire Village is near Branford in West Yorkshire, England. It was named after Titus Salt who built a textile mill and village on the River Aire. In December 2001, Saltaire was designed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is a monument to the people who lived here. The Wilson's and us spent the afternoon here. It was a massive place. 

 Sister Wilson and myself at the bookstore in Saltaire.
 Looking out a window in the factory. 
 Workers leaving the Salts Mill -early 1950s

David Hockney 25 Trees and other Pictures were on display. He documented the East Yorkshire landscape in great detail. This display was 27-foot long pictures of Bessingby Road in Bridlington. The photo was of the same street at different times of the year. 
 Inside the walking store they had a giant backpack. Try using it Elder Allen and Elder Wilson?
 Giant chair near the antique centre. 
Do you remember these? This was before cassette tapes and CD or SD card.


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