Friday, January 10, 2014


Stefan had a smoking problem. He used all his will power to quit smoking and he did it fast. He would come to Church by himself even if he had to come a long way. His family in the branch has been helping him a lot. He was able to recognize truth and the spirit while being taught. He was great at paying attention and he always kept his commitments. 
 Elder Goodwin came to say goodbye to her former companion Elder Juran.

Elder Juran had been released to his parents. They came to the baptism tonight. What a great way to end his mission
 Martha, Peter and Steno.

 Elder Juran sister sang at the baptism. Elder Juran gave a talk on baptism and did the baptism. For a minute there was a little confusion on who was going to give the talk. Elder in Czech means two things. One "elder" as in the older person and "Elder" the missionary. Brother Juran thought they called him to speak and Elder Juran thought they asked him. They were both red but Elder Juran (missionary) got up and gave the talk. Everyone laughed a little.

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