Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The alarm went off at 7:00 AM and today is Summer's 21st birthday. We had a good nights sleep and started our day with a walk around a lake. The lake is a half a mile from our flat. It has cable ski lines for water skiing and camping. You don't even need a boat to pull you around. I found it all interesting and unique.

I always walk and really never run. Mark and I were planning out our day as we walked. Trying to figure out the best steps to take first. About 8:00 the phone rang and it was the zone leaders asking us to come to district meeting at 9:30 AM. Really? Now we had to finish our walk with a run back to the flat. It is a good thing I used the flat iron before I started our walk so I did not have to do my hair again. We hurriedly ran back, dressed and ate 1/2 a muffin before the zone leaders showed up. Our GPS was not working so we had to have the zone leaders stop by and we followed them to the Sheffield 1st ward building.

There where four elders in the zone leaders car and none of them are Americans. Two are for the Czech republic, the zone leader Elder Vilem Juran and the district leader Elder Zdenek Sindylek. It is interesting that they grew up together and are good friends. Elder Radu Simon is from Romania and Elder Conner Goodwin is from England. When we got to the ward building there were missionaries every where. We met the sister, Sister Lisa Bendsen from Demark who speaks very good English, Sister Hayley Burningham from Utah with flaming red hair.and Sister Kelbie Beesley from Alabama who likes guns. Our district meeting lasted 3 long hours. Really? It started at 9:30 and we did not get home until near one. They love to talk and bear their testimony.

While I was fixing lunch there was a knock at the door. Brother Roger Stanton the father of the owner of the home we are staying in, came by to look at the broken toilet. He had his friend Tom with him. We became instant friends. Before long we knew his whole life story. He was kind enough to show us around the area. First things first, we had to get our GPS fixed. Sad to say it did not work. The clerk at the store said it was Dinosaur. So much for eBay. After getting a new GPS he showed us the best shopping and treated us to the best Hot Choc. It was delightful. He gave us tips on where to show and get the best buys. Then we had the best fish and chips at the Admiral. By time he went home it was 10:00. We spent the whole day learning the area. Thank you Roger

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  1. England has the best fish and chips. Glad you are getting settled.