Thursday, August 15, 2013


Today we walked all around the Lake. It was overcast but seemed warmer then the day before. We came home got ready and did some companion study. Roger came by again to work on the toilet. We took off to Costco to have a little bit of home. For a minute you would have thought we were back in Mesa. Everything seemed the same as it is back home. We only had 90 lbs worth of stuff so we had to watch what we bought and not go over. When we got home Roger was gone looking for parts or something for the toilet. We fixed lunch and then got a call from the Zone leaders inviting us to a meeting with them at 3:30. Yes! So excited to help. It was for a Czech family who wanted their granddaughter to be baptized.

We arrived just about 3:20 and waited for the Elders. When they got there Elder Juran had to translate everything for us. It was hard but you could feel their sweet spirit. The lesson was about the plan of salvation. Elder Juran asked me to say something about how I felt. I told them about my parents and how their first son died. They wanted answers and the church gave them answers through the plan of salvation. It was nice to bear my testimony. We told the they were pioneers in the gospel. Good things were going to happen because of their faith.

That night we had correlation meeting at the Branch Presidents home. Finally we got to meet President Fero and his wife Adriana Dunko. They are so nice. We told our story and they told us theirs. All the missionaries showed up for our meeting and we learned a lot about what is going on in the branch. Their are two baptisms this weekend. One on Friday and one on Saturday. Things are starting to happen.

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  1. Yeah keep posting!! your just to cool. Judy and I are going to Olive Garden tonight with our cousin Kathy. It won't be the same without you!!