Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Tuesday we met the Don Valley elder at their flat about 1:45 to take them to some appointments. Elder Sindylek is from the Czech Republic and Elder Simon is from Romania. The first house we went to was a woman that had six kids, one girl and five boy all under the age of EIGHT. She is only 24 years old. Her and her husband have only been here in England for a month. The church was able to help them with what they needed for their family when they got here. I remember her kids from primary on Sunday. We were sitting in this little living room and the kids were everywhere. It was hard to teach the lesson but I think she felt the spirit. They plan to get baptized as soon as they get married. That seems to be common all over the world.

Our next stop was to a a young couple with a baby. They are Catholic and her mother was there visiting with them. They thought I was very young. I honored them with their sweet comments. We showed a movie about Christ and right in the middle of it the woman starts nursing her baby, breast and all. The elder never commented or missed a beat. The spirit was sweet and testimonies were given.

It was dinner time and the elders said "We are going to a BBQ at a members house but first we have to have to go buy the stuff for the BBQ." Even when these foreign elders speak English we don't understand them. It is like the blind leading the blind. What they needed was charcoal for the BBQ. Elder Allen took care of that.

The BBQ was at the home of Roman and Daniela home. They have been members for four months. She works in the Relief Society as first counselor. We go to the backyard where the elders make this make shift BBQ out of brick. It takes awhile but they finally get the BBQ going. The family brings out chicken and pork chops to cook on our make shift grill. Some falls on the ground. No worries! it will cook off Elder Allen said. Veggies and bread is served along with juice to drink. They brought also water to drink. Many Europeans like soda water. I took some not knowing what it was. I had to be nice and drink it. Their family is so sweet. They did not eat much and we asked why? They ate before we came. This meal had to cost them a lot of money. I feel honored to have been with them.

We returned to the home of Marian and Lucia Tomko. We had visited with them on Sunday night with the sisters. I guess the sisters and elders visit all the members all the time. We were able to share some stories with them about our life. The spirit told me to share the story about Mark's dad. At about age 12 Glenn was not going to church. His home teacher came by every Sunday inviting him to go to church with him. Every Sunday Glenn turned him down. Finally after weeks of coming to his house the home teacher said "Glenn, come with me once and I will never bother you again." Glenn agreed to go. When he went to church he felt the spirit. That is all it took. I shared this with the Tomko hoping it would help the come back to church. We shall see. There are many people like the Tomko here.

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