Thursday, August 22, 2013


Zone training was today in Sheffield 3 building. It was the first time we got to meet President Pilkington. I loved the man from the moment I met him. I had been praying for some issues I needed addressed. Without even saying a word he knew actually knew how I felt. Amazing how that works. He started out talking about a common friend in my home ward named Dawn Jarvis. He knew her when she first joined the church when she was 14. After talking with him a bit we found he also knew David Hester Jr. It is a small world in the church. He is an Englishmen from Manchester named Pilkington. He has lived there all his life. Moving to Leeds was a big change him but feels very blessed to be serving in England where he knows how English people think. He is perfect for this mission.

After the training we had lunch. The Elder forgot to tell us to bring a lunch. We could survive a day without lunch, right? I found it interesting with the new rules for missionaries that have come about because of the age change. Elders and sister cannot sit at the same table as elders. They can never be alone together which means even standing at the same serving table together. There is no socializing going on at ALL! This is the mission field not a dating service. These missionaries are very obedient.

That night we made all the missionaries in our district tacos. It was a little bit of home for all of us.

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