Saturday, August 17, 2013


Stanislav came to England with three of his children; he was a member referral from the Elder's Quorum President. It happened that they knew each other previously and were already good friends; this dedicated member was also isntrumental in inroducing Staislav and his family to the church. It began with the lessons at the members home. Then came the invitation to attend church. The family liked what they heard and found there, and when Stanislav was away for a week on a work assignment, the children came on their own. Stanislav was aware that his wife knew somewhat about Christianity from attending a church in Slovakia, and he wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ, too. He began reading from the Book of Mormon and progressed rapidly, and has given up a smoking habit. Now that his wife and children haveseen the great changes in their father, they are convinced of the goodness of the Gospel and are seeking baptism, as well.

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