Friday, August 23, 2013


Friday Elder Allen had to take his driving lesson. He was not looking forward to it. He hates being put on the spot. "Driving by John" was the service we used. The mission requires you have two lesson to help you know the rules of the road here in England. After one year you have to get your license to drive but because we will only be here for one year, all that is required is two lessons. John the instructor was a pleasant man and Elder Allen got along with him really well. When the lesson was over John said Elder Allen was an excellent driver. If we were to stay here longer than a year he could pass his test with flying colors.

The sisters had set up an appointment with Ricky and his mom for 4:00 PM. Ricky is 18 and has been a member for awhile. His father has been a member for 4 years but his wife and daughter are not. The purpose of our meeting was to teach the mom, daughter and strengthen Ricky. The father knows the church is true but for some reason his feeling got hurt and he does not want to come to church.

Ricky had questions about Joseph Smith. Many people do even if they are members or not. This gave us a chance to bear our testimonies about Joseph Smith. Prophets have always been on the earth to guide and warn people when they were willing to listen to them. Prophets were killed and taken from the earth when people were wicked. When Joseph Smith was born the religious climate was right for the Lord to restore his church to the earth again. He was just the instrument the Lord needed. God has not left us alone. I think with this message we gave Ricky a lot to think about. We invited him to church on Sunday and I hope he comes.

Finally we have Internet today. It was nice to come home and communicate with people at home and check on our accounts. Senior missions are different then missions for young people. We don't have the same rules. As Elder Allen says "there are no rules". Well some rules but not many.

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