Sunday, August 18, 2013


When to church today at Don Valley Sports Center. When we got the sports center there was a sports event going on. Way off in the distant we saw the Elders walking with some little kids, so we followed them. What happened was there was a mix up in schedule and the Sports Center double booked the room so our group got kicked out. Church started about 15 minutes late. I went to primary and Mark went off with the men. The children were wonderful. They sang, drew pictures and listen to Sister Brenda Nettelship. A couple of kids tried to escape but we were able to bring them back. It was lots of fun. After primary we went into Sacrament meeting. Mark and I had to bear our testimonies. I was a mess with tears. Maybe I was a little homesick but I really think it was the spirit. These people are so young in the gospel and I can see they need us as much as we need them. I can see the future in their children's eyes. They are wonderful. They are good people and are going to be great leaders in church in years to come.

In the evening the sisters took us to a few appointments. One was to a youth in the branch named Vladimer Ziga. They call him Lad. He is 14 years old boy and loves the missionaries. His mother is Catholic but let's the missionaries come to their house. His brother Michael and sister Andrea are members also. They have been members for a year and one half. (that's how they say it here). Michael loves to play futbol on Sunday and misses a lot of church. Andrea, is six months pregnant. Her boyfriend is interested in the church but they need to get married before he can get baptized. Money is always an issue. The sisters taught them a lesson about listening to good music and dancing. They sang a few songs and used rhythm with cups. It was really fun. Lad needs these good influences in his life.

Next we went to another inactive members home and had a good visit with them. We made an appointment to come back and see them on Wednesday. All and all it was a good day.

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