Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The Sheffield Elders asks us to to spend the day with them. It was awesome to go visit members and non-members alike. We were off to Firth Park. The Elders told us it was not safe to leave anything in the car like purses and iPads. I told them the only time I ever had anything taken or stolen from my car was at church.

Firth Park is not really a park but the name of the area. These non-member Michal and Monika invited us in for a lesson. We talked about the Savior and our relationship with him. The spirit was strong and we challenged them to read the scriptures. Next week we plan to come back and visit with them.

Next we walked the streets of Firth Park talking to people along the way. Elder Allen talk to this 11 year old black boy named Sullivan. He is from the Ivory Coast. After a few minutes he asked us to come visit with his mother about the church. She was a little surprised when all four of us came to visit her so she did not let us in. She did say we could come back another time to visit her. Elder Sindylek said we would give their names to other missionaries that speak only English.

From there was walked about a half a mile to visit another family. There were three women Christina, Erica and Erica and lots of kids. Some of the teenagers I remember being at the baptism last week for Vanessa. Christina has eight children and her husband is still in Slovakia. She asked us to pray for him that he might make it to England. It is hard for them to take care of their family with little or no money. I bore my testimony about being a good mother and following the Savior. We were communicating spirit to spirit. I could feel the love of our Savior for these women. He knows and loves them. I had all of us women in tears because we could feel the spirit so strong. We will go back and teach them again.

The Elders had us go visit Vanessa and her family. She is leaving tomorrow on a bus with her father to go back to the Czech Republic. It will be hard for her to stay faithful to the church when she leaves because there is no LDS church near her home there. She promised to keep reading the scriptures and praying. They Lord will bless her for that.
We ended the day by stopping by McDonald's and feed the elders. Of course, Elder Simon will not eat hamburgers. He said he use to work there and will never eat another hamburger again. Does he know something I don't no? Eating at McDonalds for me is a little piece of home.

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