Wednesday, August 14, 2013


First day in the mission field was very interesting. We landed on time into the Manchester, England airport. Once we got through security we wondered who would pick us up. It was fun to see two young men in black suits with white shirts and ties. We knew right away it was the AP's because they had black name tags just like ours and that was a dead give away. They are Elder Putham from Holiday, Utah and Elder Mosley from Mesa. I spoke with Elder Mosley's mom on the phone before we left Mesa because they are in our stake. It is fun to have a connection.

Sheffield is going to be our home for the next year. Our drive to our new flat was up beat and informative. Once to our home the AP's gave us the keys to the house and car and said goodbye. The home is a very small four bedroom home. Our bedroom has a full size bed which will be interesting to sleep in when we are use to a king size bed. The home has what I would call an Arizona room off the dining room. I'm sure they call it something different but to me it is an Arizona room. The kitchen is large for an English home. The washer is in the kitchen and the dryer is in the Arizona room. There is in one of the bedrooms "Thomas the Train" border wallpaper. Marky-Mark would love it. It has a king size blow up mattress in that room. We could sleep in there but I just couldn't sleep like that for a whole year.

We unpack and took a nap because we only had one hours sleep since we left Salt Lake City on Monday morning. After our nap we were excited to go explore but to our dismay our GPS we brought from home did not work. What to do now? PANIC? No...Pray for help. We found a map and like the blind leading the blind we tried to find a store to buy food. We found a gas station, filled up the car and asked a woman working there where there was a grocery store near by. First lesson learned "never ask for direction from the English. They are very helpful but do not know the names of their street. Oak trees, around abouts, car parks and fence don't help. Mark tried to tell me this before but now I understand what he was talking about.

There was no Internet so we had to call to have it set up. I learned post code is like a zip code but really it is more then a zip code. It is where your home is. A house number is your address. It was all very interesting and confusing all at the same time. After all that, we will not have Internet until Friday the 23rd. Grrrrr! Now. I have to find the library.

It pays to wear your name tap. We met a woman at "Morrison Store" that is a member of the Sheffield 1st ward. She saw our badges and asked if we were the ones taking the "Bonds" place. "Yes" we told her, "we are." She was so sweet and warm to talk to us. When she introduced herself to us she told us her name but spoke so fast I could not understand her. She told us about the Slovak branch and the exciting things happening in the area.

We had to hurry, buy our food and get back to our flat before dark. We prayed we could find it and we did. Tonight we are very tired and headed to bed early. Pray we get our GPS fixed tomorrow. We are so depend on electronics and hard to go back to dump phones and stupid maps. Before long we will get this all figures out and feel at home.

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