Friday, August 16, 2013

We went to our first baptism tonight. Jessica had been raised in the church and baptized at age eight but her family became inactive. As a young adult she found the church and wanted to come back to it. The missionaries looked for her membership but it was never found. She desired to get re-baptized so her friend could see her baptized and it would be a good missionary tool. She got great support from family and her friends. 

We met a girl who just got called to serve in the Mesa Arizona mission. She reports to Provo in November. Her name is Sister Alice Maynard. She will still be on her mission when we get home. We talked for along time. What a special girl. 

After the meeting was over we took some missionaries back to their flat because they don't have a car. They live in Sheffield city center about six miles away. One is Elder Nathan  Kearney from a place near Cork,  Ireland and the other is Elder Trey Thygerson from Grand Junction, Colorado. Mark's ancestors come from there. Another small world. 

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