Saturday, August 17, 2013

We asked the Zone Leaders what day is p-day for us? They said we could pick our p-day so we picked Saturday this week. The Wilson's are the office couple from Mesa. Our daughter Bobbi and their daughter  Natalie were  best friends in high school. The Wilson's invited us to go to Shipton Castle with them. Shipton is about an hour past where the Wilson's live. It took us  an hour and a half to get to Horforth where they live and the mission office is also.  Horsforth is where Anna Elizabeth Monk was born, my great grandmother. They took us to St James Woodside Chapel where the Monk's, Law's and Lobley's are buried. I had been here once before and plan to come again. We saw many grave stones with their names on them. So exciting for me.

When we got to Shipton we parked and went to the castle. It was well preserved and well maintained. A family named the Clifford's were the Lords who owned this castle. The time period of this castle was the 12th century. One gentlemen spent a lot of time with Mark and David talking about the warriors and life in the castle. We went to a fashion show where they talkies about the clothing of the period. We had lunch and started for home about 4.

We got back to Sheffield just in time for another baptism of a Slovak man We got to met more people and rub shoulders with the saints. We formally  met Brenda and Greg Nettleship. Greg was in the same  mission as Mark.  We look forward to tomorrow because it is church day. 

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